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What We Do


Whether your property is commercial or residential, expansive or compact, maintaining the health and vibrancy of your plants, trees, and shrubs year-round is paramount.

The key to achieving this is a custom-designed irrigation system. Sunshine Landscape and Hardscape is the trusted landscaping specialist for property owners in Mt Dora, Land of Lakes, Sanford, Tampa, and Ocala.

Typically, irrigation installation is integrated into broader landscaping projects and is one of the initial tasks performed in outdoor spaces. We have successfully executed numerous projects in Orlando, Eustis, Windermere, Apopka, and the Villages. Many customers also engage our expertise for garden hose installation upgrades.

Our Irrigation Services

Our irrigation system offerings include:

Automatic with Rain Sensor
Installing automatic sprinkler systems with rain sensors eliminates the need for manual operation. Simply set the timer and forget it. The sprinklers will activate at the designated time each day, consistently meeting your lawn and plants' watering needs.

Remote Control Operated Systems
If an automatic system doesn't appeal to you, consider a remote control-operated system. The top-quality systems available today offer long transmission ranges (up to 2 miles via remote) and user-friendly buttons with large LCD displays. This is especially useful for expansive properties.

Drip and Spray
Perfect for larger landscapes, these systems minimize water wastage without neglecting your plants' hydration needs. Flexible tubes with emitters are strategically installed to water plants and flower beds directly at their roots. The water sprays and sprinklers keep the foliage fresh and green, even in the hottest summer months.

Contact Our Irrigation Installation Experts

Understanding that each property is unique, we offer custom sprinkler installation and drip irrigation services. Our experts survey the areas requiring watering, consider the type of plantings installed or planned, and evaluate the land's grading, soil, and climatic conditions. This data informs the design of your irrigation system.

We utilize top-quality automatic irrigation systems and materials, ensuring timely project completion. For more information about our irrigation installation services, call Sunshine Services at 352-508-9432, or send us an email.