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Landscape Lighting

Well-planned landscape lighting is critical for any residential or commercial property. It's not merely about placing a few lights randomly; it involves a strategic plan to enhance both the aesthetic and functional aspects of your outdoor space.

Landscape lighting design calls for careful consideration of the architectural and landscaping features to be highlighted, and the ambiance to be created. At Sunshine Services, we specialize in designing and installing superior outdoor lighting for clients around Orlando, FL. The placement, intensity, and type of light are all factors expertly calibrated to achieve the desired effect.

Practical benefits of outdoor lighting include enhanced safety and security, extended hours of outdoor enjoyment, and improved curb appeal. A well-designed plan can transform your outdoor space into a stunning oasis, adding both value and visual appeal to the property.

Modern Landscape Lighting Ideas

  • LED lights, being energy-efficient and long-lasting, come in various colors to suit your needs.
  • Accent lighting can highlight unique features like trees, water features, or sculptures.
  • Path lighting adds a modern touch and ensures safety by illuminating walkways and stairs.
  • Colored LED lights can create a dramatic ambiance in your outdoor space.
  • Experiment with different fixtures like bollards, wall-mounted lights, spotlights, etc., to match your landscape style.
  • Solar-powered lights are eco-friendly and require no wiring, easing installation and maintenance.
  • Positioning lights behind objects creates intriguing shadow patterns, adding depth and texture.
  • Strategically installed lights can emphasize unique architectural features such as pillars, arches, or alcoves.
  • Smart lighting systems enable control of landscape lights via your phone or voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home.

Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting

We offer energy-efficient low voltage landscape lighting that is also cost-effective. These systems use less energy and are more sustainable than traditional high-voltage systems, resulting in significant cost benefits. Clients can enjoy a beautifully illuminated landscape without increased energy costs.

Installation of these systems is safer and simpler, reducing electrical accidents and easing the installation process. If you seek an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to enhance your outdoor space, consider our low-voltage exterior lighting solutions.

Premium Landscape Lighting

Enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space with our premium landscape lighting solutions. Our expert team is committed to delivering outstanding results that exceed your expectations, whether you need lighting for your home or business.

Contact Services today at 352-508-9432 for high-quality, energy-efficient outdoor lighting. Let us help you transform your outdoor space into a stunning oasis that adds value to your property. Alternatively, send us an email, and we'll call back soon to discuss your project requirements.

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